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Species available:

Common Springbuck
White Springbuck
Black Springbuck
Black Wildebeest
Blue Wildebeest 
Mountain Reedbuck 
White Blesbuck

 Vaal Rhebuck & Varmint hunting on request.




GM Hunting is a small specialized one on one operation, based
in the malaria free Eastern Cape Province of South Africa,
doing only three to four hunts a year. We hunt because we want to,
not because we have to, so we can afford to treat our clients to
a memorable plains game hunt, and still have the time to ensure
quality post hunt service.  

Although all trophies will be representative, we prefer to keep
the focus on the hunt rather than the record book. Hunting is usually only done on two concessions; both situated two and half hours from Port Elizabeth, and 30 minutes from Graaff-Reinet. These concessions are about 20 000 and 50 000 acres respectively, but other concessions are avaiable should they be required. The terrain is typical karoo;
semi arid, mountainous, low bush and thorny shrub.
Game is plentiful, but needs to be hunted.

Small groups not exceeding four hunters are preferred, and
observers are welcome. Hunts will be tailored to the clients wishes.

Luxury accommodation is part of the experience. 
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About your guide

Graham (right) was born and raised in  the karoo. He  spent most of his adult life in the bush with the military, and is now back in the karoo on the family farm.

 After leaving the military, he qualified as a PH, and also started hunting problem animals professionally.

 a Lifetime of bush savvy enables him to offer  an unforgettable experience that will make your hunt special.